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“The black charcoal product I purchased actually really helps lift the color of your teeth, I would recommend this product to anybody!”

Taliah- Stone Mountain,GA

The past two months I’ve been using ‘That Glow Though’ and the ‘Coconut Rose Toner’ and it’s been the best for my skin. I’m a very acne prone person; from drinking soda, being in certain environments, and even the time of year, I break out. ‘That Glow Though’ leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soooo clean, I love it so much!! It helps lighten my dark spots, get rid of dead skin and tiny bumps I get here and there. It works best for my skin type and I highly recommend it for someone who has similar issues with their skin. Also, the toner is the perfect moisturizer for my somewhat oily skin. It’s light, it smells good, and adds a nice glow to the skin.

Devian White- Atlanta ,GA

The Coconut Rose Toner has helped my skin stay moisturized all day.

Anaya Hill- Atlanta,GA

I ordered “Minty” and I wasn’t expecting the soap to actually feel minty! I love mint and having it as a soap and exfoliating with it really leaves me skin feeling fresh and clean.

Lauren Oblitey- Austell,GA

I love MegsOrganx my favorite product is “That Glow  Though” because it has turmeric in it and turmeric does a tremendous help with hyper-pigmentation

Silver- Sandy Springs,GA

After using ‘that glow though’ my face was flawless. Everyone would ask me my skincare routine and I loved it. After purchasing the teeth whitener, my teeth have been getting alot whiter and I’m seeing more progress.

Jalen Spriggs- Atlanta,GA

I’m IN LOVE with the That Glow Though bar !! It’s really one of the only things i’ve found that works well and fast with getting rid of / preventing my acne & it faded away my dark spots in 2-3 days !

Mya Polanco- Mableton,GA

Ever since I’ve started using the “That glow though” facial bar my dark spots have lighten up significantly. It leaves my face soft and clean. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling with dark spots or acne! 

Chantal Brown- Atlanta,GA

I ordered “oh honey” and it’s one of my go to products to get rid of my flare up acne. The bar lasts a long time and it still looks, performs, and smells how it did when I initially received it in the mail. I have the new rose bar and charcoal bar that is supposed to be arriving in the mail shortly , I can’t wait to try out those new products.

Icis Richmond- Atlanta,GA